Welcome to Your Specialist in Finance, Cash- and Risk-Management

Your company is only as good as a the perfect coordination among your people, your IT, and your services.

An optimal work- and cash flow involves various departments‘ activities and infrastructure.

From my experience, it’s easier for an outside specialist to orchestrate the streamlining of workflows and working capital flow among departments.

My experience:
Over the last twenty years, consulting 150 international companies in improving the company’s performance by perfecting each work- and financial flow and engaging the best people for any specific part in these flows

  • Process optimization of all financial flows
  • Payments optimization from banks to ERP to vendors and/or clients
  • Cash- and risk management
  • IT data migration in banks and telecoms
  • Coaching and project management in treasury and finance

My approach:
Assess the situation quickly and involve staff, partners and suppliers to ensure the smooth implementation of processes.

What issues do you face that I could help you with based on my experience? Contact me to discuss them!



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