Founder of
Tomato AG Finance + IT, Kloten Zurich
Since 1992, Tomato has been offering consulting, project management and training to finance and IT departments. Various independent contractors are on hand depending on the special expertise needed for each project.

Previous Assignments
Approximate 150 Projects in international renowned corporates with sales from 200 mio. to 3 bio. Companies.

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World Bank, Washington, D.C.

Reorganization of Cash Management and coaching of management and staff from approx. thirty nations

Plenum the society for young entrepreneurs

10 years of Coaching of start-up’s and with colleagues leading 3 years the society

During the war in Bosina

In a time management leading a refugee camp in a assignment of the Swiss Army Forces

15 years of learning years in international Banking, Brokerage and Industry

Pirelli the tire and cable manufacturer
As part of establishing their in-house bank, foreign exchange, money market assistance, electronicdata processing, quote of long-term lira to various banks
Bear Stearns
Commodities, Foreign exchange trading in Geneva, Chicago and New YorkRR Series 3 License of United States Commodity Futures and Trading Commission
UBS Zurich
Cash planning and cash management

Fluent in German, English and French.
Good working knowledge of Spanish and Italian


Flying over the Swiss Alps
Cooking Indian dishes for friends
Cycling with my family through the countryside